Sunday, July 7, 2013

Address data entered in HRMS not visible in the CRM Resource Manager

When an employee is created in HRMS, address of the employee will be entered in the address button.
When the employee is imported as CRM Resource in CRM Resource Manager, address of the corresponding resource could not be seen in Miscellaneous tab
To resolve the issue do the following
Step 1:
Navigation: Super HRMS Manager > People > Enter and Maintain > (B) Address
Ensure that "Primary" check box is enabled in address window of HRMS
Step 2:
Navigation: System Administrator > Profile > System
Set the following Profile Options
1) HZ: Protect HR Person Information = No
2) JTFRS: Hide Sensitive HR Data = No
The above profile option can be set either at Site level or at Responsibility level
Step 3:
Navigation: System Administrator > Application > Function. Query the function "JTFRSDEF". Go to Form tab and enter the below parameter and save
Pass the parameter "P_HIDE_SENSITIVE_HR_DATA=N" to the Define Resources form.
Now, go to Miscellaneous tab in CRM Resource Manager and view the address data.